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We value our patients' experience at MedicoSpine Center. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Charles F. Sabourin
Your Nashville Chiropractor

"I had come to Dr. Sabourin because I had been in a lot of pain from an auto accident in 1998. After my treatments were started I could tell a big difference within the first few visits. I also occasionally had migraine headaches. After Chiropractic treatments by Dr. Sabourin my headaches were gone. I feel amazing knowing I would have had severe problems after the wreak if I had not come to see Dr. Sabourin. I believe the care I have received from Dr. Sabourin and his staff really has helped me."

"I have been a patient of Dr. Sabourin since September of 1998. I had neck problems since 1992 but what brought me in to see Dr. Sabourin was my left arm. It was tingling and burning and I had about lost all use of my left arm. I had these problems get worse since April. I had gone to three other doctors prior to Dr. Sabourin. One of the doctors was an orthopedic surgeon who diagnosed the pain in my arm as tendonitis and prescribed a lot of pain pills. I had tried physical therapy, traction and TENS unit on that arm with not much results.
I am a transcriptionist and was unable to perform my job. I could not lift anything with that arm and could not even drive. I had some major problems when I decided to try one more doctor. I cam to see Dr. Sabourin in September of 1998. When I came in to see Dr. Sabourin I was all stressed out because I was facing surgery. Dr. Sabourin took the fear of surgery out of my mind. In about two months of treatment the burning down my arm stopped. Within three months I started getting the muscle tone back in my arm.
Dr. Sabourin has educated me about the body's structure; how the neck problem caused the arm to get so painful. He showed me my x-rays so I could visualize my problems.
Wow! I have recovered my life. Thanks to Dr. Sabourin I now have my life back. I now am able to have fun with my family. I have been able to return to work. The muscle tone has returned to my arm. To help with my healing process I drink more water, do my stretches Dr. Sabourin had recommended and I make the time to come to my appointments. The chiropractic treatments that Dr. Sabourin does have worked. No surgery on my arm."

"In December of 2002 I was involved in an automobile accident. The day it happened I did not realize that I had an injury to my neck and right shoulder. The day after the accident is when I began to feel pain and stiffness in these injured areas.
Several years ago I remembered going to Dr. Sabourin, I immediately thought that he was the doctor who could help me with my pain. He thoroughly explained what was going on related to my injury and the treatment he thought would help me. This relieved my anxiety, as I really did not know the extent of my injury. After a few treatment visits with Dr. Sabourin, I was able to tolerate my pain without prescription pain medication.
Dr. Sabourin and staff are caring and concerned with their patients. I am feeling much better thanks to Dr. Sabourin.I have been a patient of Dr. Sabourin since May 1999. I came because I had torn a muscle in my lower back and I had a lot of soreness. Also the motion in my neck was restricted. When at intersections, I had to turn my whole body. I had occasional back pain for a long time but when I tore that muscle I needed some help.Dr. Sabourin examined my x-rays determined the best chiropractic treatments for my back and neck.
I did not consult any other doctor and I continued to go to work. The pain was relieved in my neck and back within a couple of months of Dr. Sabourin's chiropractic treatments. I also had some ultrasound treatments.I think my chiropractic treatments have really relieved my pain. I can still play golf although doing so can aggravate my back. I like the chiropractic care that I have received from Dr. Sabourin and his staff. I have already referred five people from my job to Dr. Sabourin."

"I have been seeing Dr. Sabourin for 5 ½ months. During long road trips I would get very uncomfortable and thought it was normal for me to shift positions often. The x-rays and examination that Dr. Sabourin did showed that my pelvis had rotated. I am receiving chiropractic treatment to realign my pelvis. I want to avoid having any problems during any future pregnancies.
To chiropractic treatments are very relaxing. The stress that is held by my neck and shoulders during they day is gone after a treatment. All tension is relieved. Dr. Sabourin has recommended stretches that help and overall if feel much better. "

"I have been coming to Dr. Sabourin office for a little over a year now. I started coming because I was suffering with terrible low-back pain. It was interfering with my sleep and my every day routine. I couldn't live with it any longer. I've always been one who knows how to stay in shape. So drugs or surgery were not acceptable. Chiropractic care was the best thing for me.
After my main treatment plan was finished, I continued to stay on a maintenance program. It has helped me to achieve my goals. I have even referred a few friends in for care. Dr. Sabourin and his staff have been great and very supportive. Thanks so much for all your help and support."

"I had been dealing with a shoulder problem for a while and the stress of my job made it worse. After becoming a patient of Dr. Sabourin I noticed my health had improved steadily and my job doesn't "stress" me out like it used to. I now understand the importance of chiropractic care and how it helps me with my health goals. Many thanks to both the staff and Dr. Sabourin."

"I lived with pain in my neck and shoulders. The stiffness in my neck got so bad it was hard to drive and sleep. When I finally got tired of being "sick and tired" I decided to try chiropractic care. My husband had received tremendous relief for his disc problems through chiropractic techniques.
I really wasn't interested in being numbed by drugs so I took a chance.
WoW!, what a difference, instead of fighting to get through the day I now have an abundance of energy and movement in my neck. I even brought my daughter in for her sinus problems and now the allergy season doesn't bother her. I like the way Dr. Sabourin educated and treated me. Don't be afraid to regain your health. I recommend chiropractic care to anyone for a better life and better health combined. Thank you so much, I couldn't be in better shape than I am today. "

"Dr. Sabourin has made an incredible difference in my life. I had been suffering from severe low back pain for a very long time and was almost bedridden. In just a very short time I was feeling better than I had in years. After all the corrective treatment I was placed on a maintenance plan to so the problem wouldn't come back.
I understand now how important it is to continue treatment for a while and felt it. When I returned it didn't take long to get things back in order and now staying on track with my once a month treatment I fell great and I know I'm always in-line."

"I had been suffering with extreme pain for about 8 months in my neck and shoulders and the only thing moving was my eyeballs, back and forth, I could not turn my head at all. It was horrible!
I was terrified to come in to the see Dr. Sabourin at first but Dr. Sabourin and his staff was incredible and the results have been absolutely super. I now have full range of motion in my neck and I no longer take the numerous pain medications I previously needed. Everything about the place is great. Thank you!"

"After my consultation and exam, Dr. Sabourin made me aware that the pain in my leg and hip may have been caused by an injury to my tailbone years ago. The pain radiated down my left leg and completely consumed my energy levels as I tried to cope with it.
After being treated by Dr. Sabourin for about 8 weeks, the constant pain desappered. My condition has continued to improve since than. I no longer have pain in my hips or in my leg and I owe it all to Dr. Sabourin.
I feel it is shameful that our lack of education in western society has kept us blind to the benefits of chiropractic care for so long. I'm glad I was able to overcome my fears. I am really thankful for Dr. Sabourin and his staff as they made coming to the doctor's office "FUN" and educational."

"I had gone to see Dr. Sabourin for a chronic low back pain. I had trouble bending and sitting down which made me very uncomfortable and I was continually altering my sitting and standing postio9ns in order to get relief.
I had tried staying active by walking up to three miles a day and was still getting no relief. It was very frustrating. Since than Dr. Sabourin has made excellent progress in toward my healing progress.
I have started to enjoy my life more than every. I recommend Dr. Sabourin to anyone and everyone. I believe that it is much better than the idea of surgery and anyone thinking of surgery should give Dr. Sabourin a try first, he sure did help me."

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